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If you're Chinese, I feel sorry for you cos' this propaganda warfare has just started

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I'm not a big fan of China for various reasons but I do admire how they (CCP) dragged hunreds of millions of Chinese folk out of poverty into prosperity (probably one of the greatest ever example of governance).

HOWEVER, that being said, the propaganda machine across the US, UK is going fucking OVERDRIVE on China! And it's taken a massive turn for the more aggressive over the past 6-9 months (see trade war, Xinjiang, Hong Kong).

This is a purposeful drive to stoke up hatred against China and thus Chinese folk too. Completely intentional. Stoke up hatred amongst the public before taking hard-actions against China. Definitely the "Deep State" and intelligence services behind this.

I feel this is just the beginning, this anti-China campaign is going to last for decades. On one hand, I think it might not last too long because attention spans are short nowadays and people forget after a while. But on the other hand, the Americans successfully waged a propaganda campaign against the USSR/Russia for a good 30-40 years.

Now, some of the criticisms maybe valid, some of the criticisms are insightful but there's two issues I have (a) the lack of introspection towards one's own barbarity and (b) the fucking purposeful drive behind this, this co-ordinated drive to slag off China at every avenue. It's entirely disproportional and entirely driven to stoke up hatred as well as attempting to cause internal strife in China.

I can't imagine the fucking barrage of day in, day out anti-China hate. Must be crazy. See it even on Reddit. You have my commiserations, folk!

Posted : 12/10/2019 4:24 pm
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After reading reddit the last few days Im reminded of a few things

Whites like to fight

Although China has not done anything directly to whites, they are extremely angry at China directly (a reminder whites actually attempted genocide on Asians , the native Americans, China should be the one who is angry)

Whites still think they are the worlds heroes even with their hands washed in blood in every country

Whites are projecting their previous atrocities onto China, they complain about concentration camps and genocide, when in fact they ACTUALLY DID It In the past

Whites are very mad at their own state of affairs, and they are lashing out on China as relief for their own misery

Reason behind all this:

whites are jealous.

Posted : 12/10/2019 4:25 pm
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It's not just koreans who hate chinese, many east asians, whatever their country is, don't like their neighbors. Koreans still generally view China more positively than the japanese do, even more than the other way around.
Btw why does Pakistan view China so positively? I'm chinese-singaporean, I never knew this.
When you see chinese and koreans get along just fine in the US unlike their mainlanders counterpart, you start to wonder why. I can only guess since I'm not american but it seems to me that's because all asians, especially males, more or less face the same kind and amount of systematic racism.
Mainland chinese, korean, and japanese hate each other. Vietnamese hate chinese. Some south east asian countries don't like each other too and there's a considerable amount of anti-china sentiment in south east asia too. The only asian country I can think of that gets along with all other asian countries is Thailand but it's a shame they are also the biggest white worshiper.
I don't think we will ever see pan-asian unity in our lifetime but I hope this sub could at least be one of the pioneers if pan-asian unity ever becomes a thing in the future.

Posted : 12/10/2019 4:25 pm
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It's true that the older generation who have first hand experience with the war tend to have faith in the US military. I wouldn't say worship though. They see them as a necessary evil and still see SK as small and weak. I used to butt heads with the older generation a lot, but I realized that their experiences are just as valid as mine and I cannot discredit them. After all, I didn't walk hundreds of kilometers with just one bag of rice unlike my grandfather.
I disagree that the younger generation wishes that their lives were like the US. They wish to travel, like everyone else, but SK has its own very unique culture and aesthetic that's nostalgic of its own past. (Ie clothing styles and media culture.) This is evinced by the sheer number of SK international students and young professionals who only stay abroad for about one to six years but return to start a family and settle. They want the good life in SK. (On a side note, that's why for the vast majority of SK sojourners in the West, they're unlikely to marry outside the Korean community.)
I would have agreed with your friend more if this was the 90s or 00s. These days, SKs, especially middle and upper middle class SKs are more nationalistic. There's a huge coverage of US atrocities (and other Asian countries) in the media as a result as well. SK policies similarly build up SK as a cosmopolitan country, but essentially for Koreans.

Posted : 12/10/2019 4:26 pm
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don't let people fool you when they say ''I don't hate the Chinese people, I just hate the Chinese government'', that is complete horse shit. if there's a video of someone who looks Chinese doing something that's supposed to be relatable, that's considered propaganda, because the reddit reality is that we're vermin, unrelatable, unhuman. even in the r/HongKong subreddit, there are tons of upvoted comments that target not the CCP but Chinese nationals and Chinese immigrants abroad who have nothing to do with politics, just the bone structures are suspicious I guess. couple weeks ago I criticized a pretty overtly racist comment, my comment was removed without notice, but the racist comment was still up.

Posted : 12/10/2019 4:26 pm
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