Why Asian pride is more dangerous than White supremacy?

Here is the whole article, July 10, 2020 A Facebook post has resurfaced from Toronto-based Black Lives Matter co-founder Yusra Khogali stating white people are “sub-human” an“inferior race,” “recessive genetic […]

Philippines is actually El Dorado, 2nd largest gold reserve!!!

https://gulfnews.com/world/asia/philippines/gold-in-the-philippines-how-much-is-it-really-worth-1.1552204923140Dubai: Gold is one of the rarest and priciest metals. The Philippines, it’s been said, sits on “mountains of gold”. This epithet needs a closer look. Figures from the Mines […]

Regional Rivalries?

Regional Rivalries?

Anyway, its Sinulog festival time here in the Philippines, the main festival of us Hiligaynon’s rivals, the perfidious Cebuanos. Look at them all trying to strut with their fluvial parades […]

Pretty & Hot Sexy Filipina girls

Filipina girls Rules:  1) NO SEXUAL EXPLICIT – no sexual poses.. no stripper poses. 2) NO SEXUAL TALK or sexual WORDS between members. 3) girls only 18+4) please consider the fact, that […]