Lanna Thai history

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Lanna Thai history

The past of Lanna Thai
It is well known that “Lanna” or “Lanna country” is the old city in the north of Thailand. Areas and populations in Lanna countries are now located in the territory of Thailand, consisting of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chiang Saen, Phayao, Lamphun, Lampang, Phrae, Nan, Mae Hong Son, Tak. With King Sueb Santiwong The autonomous regime is not a colony of any nation for hundreds of years. Lanna people are Thai Yuan, “Tai Yon” or “Yonok Thai people” have their own language to speak and write.

First, the royal territory of Lanna, Chiang Tung (Shan State of the Union of Myanmar) and the Twelve Thousand Regions (located in China) are also included (Twelve Thousand Regions. At present, the People’s Republic of China has elevated the government to an independent state. There are cultural traditions that are different from the Chinese people. Still up to the federal government to promote tourism to the region Therefore, the cultural traditions of the people in the twelve Punna region will be the same as in Chiang Mai in all respects. Twelve Thousand Panna Region, Chiang Rung Centered (Chiang Rung used to live in the Lanna Kingdom in the past hundreds of years)

In the year 1839, Mengrai the Great (King Mengrai) established Chiang Mai as the capital of Lanna. Lanna territory has some parts of Laos. At present, it is also the territory of this Chakra, which is the city of U. Singha in Laos, which is Panna (district), one of the twelve provinces of Panna has been cut apart by the Treaty of Singha. Between England and France and China (In the reign of King Rama V), it shows that the area of ​​Lanna country is wider than current Laos. Therefore, the Thai people today should be proud of the long history of the worth of Lanna Thai, with Chiang Mai as the center.
Mengrai the Great was the founder of the Lanna Kingdom. To be great, Paisan has tried to gather cities in the northern city into the same country. He marched into war with Hiripunchai and many other small towns. Any city that can not suppress him will use the intrigues to tie friendly relations with each other. Which is the source of being a companion to King Ramkhamhaeng in the latter days

Chiang Mai city, which has the King of the Mengrai monarchy, has succeeded in treating Santiviwong together for 262 years after his death. God Chai War (the son of the king) extended the city to the north. And the reign of King Saen Phu Expanded the territory until reaching the Mekong River And at the end of the reign of Saenphu Arriving in the reign of King Phaya, Lanna, reaching the highest prosperity, reaching the reign of Phra Muang Kaeo in the year 1496-2072, Buddhism and rule have evolved to become even more prosperous. By using the complete regime of Sittirat Chiang Mai is the center of the city and uses the Panna regime to collect taxes from the population and enlist the labor from the people to work in Chiang Mai. Which greatly enhanced the economic prosperity of Lanna With this vast territory The architecture is Chedi Luang, the center of the city Is a Lanna architecture that remains to be seen today. There is the dissemination of Buddhism, Ceylonian ideology Monks traveled to study Buddhism in Ceylon, born in Pali, literature, history, archeology. Bring Buddhism to be distributed in various regions. Since this era is the most prosperous era

700 years ago by the Mengrai dynasty Still, the prosperity of Lanna, with his regime including the Panna dynasty, the Mengrai regime began to deteriorate. In the year 2086-2088, the Tongu dynasty, the powerful Burmese king, invaded the country of Lanna, expanded its power and took possession in the year 2101. Lanna people also tried to save some time in independence. Finally losing the descent of the Mengrai dynasty
Order of the Mengrai King
King’s name Year of the reign
King Mengrai 1801 – 1860
Chaiyaphum God 1860 – 1870
Lord Saen Phu 1870 – 1877
Lord Kam Fu 1877 – 1888
God Pha Yu 1888 – 1910
God Kue Na 1910 – 1931
Lord Saen Mueang, 1931 – 1954
The Three Gods of God, 1954 – 1985
Lord Tilotharaj 1985 – 2030
Lord Yod, Chiang Rai 2030 – 2038
Phra Muang Kaew 2038 – 2068
The city of Ket Lanna, 2068 – 2081
Kao Kham Sai 2081 – 2086
God of Ket Klao 2086 – 2088
Queen Chiraprapa Mahawet 2088 – 2089
Lord Chai Chetthirat 2089 – 2091
Lord Maguire, 2010

At that time, Lanna was an independent country with a written language. There were 262 years of culture and art. It became a tributary of Myanmar for 216 years until Phraya Cha Ban and Phraya Kawila. Have joined with Taksin Successfully recovering independence from Myanmar And later, Phraya Kawawita became the ruler of Chiang Mai. (Chao Raja) then became a Thai city since then.

At present, Thai and Lanna arts and culture have been blended perfectly. Is a cultural art that has a delicacy in the way of life of the north Many people would wonder why this article chose to mention the history of Thailand in the north. Because both the art and the beauty of the northern tradition that plays like “Kasalong” has been broadcasted on TV. Therefore making the readers want to take this knowledge to all readers.



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