What Japanese like about Americans

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AS far as looks go, the Japanese do not find whites particularly attractive, especially the women. Generally Japanese are soft looking while westerners are harsh looking. On a guy, harsh doesn’t stand out so much as it does on a girl so white guys are more accepted than white girls. What people misinterpret a lot is Japanese politeness. Japanese people communicate in Tatemae – public front and one common use is to tell foreigners how good looking they are. For example, there have always been so dozen or so biracial n AKB48 yet not a single one ever got in the top 64 rankings except two;one girl got in because of her nice personality, not her looks and the other kept her multiracial heritage low keyed – she never denied she was biracial but she never volunteered the info, I didn’t know until years after she left the group.

One particular aspect the Japanese admire about America is the iconic image of the Marlboro man, someone who lives life brave and free. The delinquents in Japan call themselves Yanki which is coined from the American word Yankee. They felt Yankee describes someone who doesn’t let society or authority tell them what to do. Likewise, the lower rung members of the Yakuza used to wear Hawaiian shirts, a practice they picked up watching American off duty GIs who often wore Hawaiian shirts during the Korean War. This practice has been replaced with gold chains and athletic jerseys which were inspired by American gang Rappers.

Another aspect of society that America affected was in girls fashion. In the past, the idea of Japanese women was a blend of traditional Japanese and western aristocratic elements. In the early 90s a famous Japanese aristocrat lady, Dewi Fujin, was taking it upon herself to train young girls to become proper ladies. This got televised on a variety show and triggered a protest movement. They wanted to be the opposite of western aristocracy; dark and blackish, low born and loud, and reject etiquette and the standards of beauty. Although Kogals has faded away they left a legacy that remains in Japan and has spread throughout Asia, Dying hair a lighter color. Although Negroids have black hair, Kogals dyed their hair blond because it was looked upon as improper to die hair other than a shade of black. It was looked upon as a wild rebellious thing to do back then. No its the norm throughout Asia.



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josh avatar
4 years ago

Japanese seems to love hip hop & rock/Roll

hollywood movies

baseball & basketball but not American football. 


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