Am I the only one who is offended by being called people of color? I also hate people call Chinese food ethnic food? I really don’t care much about being called ch**k or Ch**g-Ch**g.

I will first say i am Chinese international student who is going to go back to China after i graduate. Maybe that will make difference.

First, white is also a color. So calling anyone, who is not white, people of color has serious superiority undertone. Besides, grouping all people who are not white together just diminishes people of different ethnicities their identities and also their culture differences.

Second, the first point can be applied to calling chinese food ethnic food. Each place has its own unique food and grouping them all together is also diminishing their differences. By their standards, italian food or french food should also be called ethnic food. They don’t do that just because those countries are majority white?

Third, I really don’t mind being called Chk. You think i am weak just because of I am Chinese? Be my guest. Whether i am weak or not doesn’t depend on your opinion on me. Calling me that doesn’t make me feel inferior. Instead, I just feel sorry for them since they don’t have enough brain cells to understand deep chinese culture and long chinese history. I also feel sorry for them since only chinese the language they know is Chg-Ch**g but I know both Chinese and English pretty well. So who is more stupid?

Finally, i have to say in my experience growing up in China, being popular is not something to strike for. Being smarter and having a better career is. That’s why when people say those words, they have instantly become dumb in my eyes, which actually makes myself feel superior.

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