Kurt Chew-Een Lee got a feature in NextShark “honoring” him but honestly his story and “valor” made me sick.

“Lee advanced by himself to provoke the Chinese to open fire and consequently reveal their locations. He carried out a one-man assault, firing at irregular rates to confuse the enemy.

Moments later, Lee crept up on the enemy outpost and fired off what the rest of his unit could not: the Chinese language.

“Don’t shoot, I’m Chinese!” he yelled in Mandarin.

The enemy was briefly distracted, but that gave Lee enough time to throw his last two grenades and shoot them on sight.

“Their fires suddenly ceased and some whistle sounded,” he recalled.”

He literally took advantage of his blood countryman’s mercy to kill them.

Look, I understand that it’s a war and that maybe you might have to make some tough choices to save your family from being interned in the US. But for real? Doing that? That’s the lowest of lows in my book. He took a gun against his motherland to fight for literal colonizers. He should have quit the US military the instant the war started. All it’s good for is for colonizing other nations. For the Filipino members of this community, don’t forget that the US literally colonized the Philippines, and only granted it independence after choosing a US-friendly government to lead the Philippines.


Personally I think literal Asian traitors are one of the biggest obstacles standing in our way. Next time you see a bunch of Westernized Asians joining in the current American war against China, remember this.121 Comments

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