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Brunei implements stoning to death under new anti-LGBT laws

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The tiny Southeast Asian country of Brunei is introducing strict new Islamic legal guidelines that makes homosexual s*x an offence punishable through stoning to death.

The new measures, set to commence Wednesday, additionally cowl a range of other crimes consisting of punishment for theft by means of amputation.

The lawby and large applies to Muslims, together withkids who have reached puberty, even though some aspects will follow to non-Muslims.

Under the new laws, humans accused of certain acts will solely be convicted if they confess or if there had guidelines that present.

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ZeXsY (PimpMasterPro)
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nice new article.

1) the author bio needs to be fixed

2) articles publishing guidelines needs to be laid out. 

3)author, editors & staff members needs to stick out from the rest of them members.  ( to show authority).