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Official Writer Blogs 1200-year-old lost city of Mahendraparvata discovered in Cambodia

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An ancient city, dated 350 years before the famed Angkor Wat, has been discovered by a group of archaeologist from University of Sydney led by a French-born archaeologist. 

All thanks to the airborne Lidar technology which use light detection and ranging data, 7 days of hard work result in a fashionable and extraordinary discovery. Damien Evans, who has been instrumental in this discovery, says that it's not yet known how large Mahendraparvata was because the Lidar search covered only a small, circumscribed area.

"Maybe what we are seeing was not the central part of the city, so there is a lot of work to be done to discover the extent of this civilization," he told The Age.

After studying the ancient scriptures from a great warrior, Jayavarman II, Jean-Baptiste Chevance, director of the Archaeology and Development Foundation in London who led the expedition, not that there is an existence of a mountain capital, “but we didn’t know how all the dots fitted, exactly how it all came together”.

At this moment, not many information or data related to this newly-discovered ancient city has been revealed, therefore we must resort to patience for further studied results.

Should there be any updates, we will work on bringing it in

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Interesting topic to do a video on. 

Rene B. Sarabia Jr
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Yes, it is so fascinating.