Fuck, how do the folks here feel about the insane amount of anti-Chinese propaganda on this website?

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Fuck, how do the folks here feel about the insane amount of anti-Chinese propaganda on this website?

r/aznidentity•Posted byu/Lenin_Killed_Me1 day ago

Fuck, how do the folks here feel about the insane amount of anti-Chinese propaganda on this website?


Like, fuck, it’s frightening how easy it was to more or less make the fucking lemmings and sheep on Reddit more or less salivate over the idea of World War III. I know it’s mainly feds and other assorted private and government bugmen behind a lot of this shit, but the way everyone just accepted it is, idk whether it’s frightening, sickening, or saddening, so I guess I’ll say all three.

I’m not Asian honestly, but I’m by no means anti-China, and I am anti-WWIII so this shit is fucking….

Like, America is legitimately one of the most brutal, violent, and destructive empires in human history, at its peak it was arguably the largest empire to ever exist, and only now has another state really risen to any form of independence and total self-rule away from it (since the fall of the Soviet Union at least).

But I guess near the end we can see why I don’t want to nuke China, unfortunately can’t say much for the rest of this website and the crackers in this country.

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4 years ago

I grew up in Indonesia as an ethnic Chinese and am now living in the US.

Indonesia, my home country and birthplace, is a very anti-Chinese and China place. Chinese Indonesians were and are second class citizens and perpetual foreigners. Despite the centuries of Chinese presence there. So I am used to to anti-China and anti-Chinese propaganda.

What I am beginning to see in the US is some forms of the anti-China and Chinese propaganda I’ve seen growing up.

The dehumanization of the Chinese and the demonization of its government.

“Chinese eat cute puppies and dolphins!”, “Chinese are destroying the environment!”, “Chinese abort girls because they’re evil patriarchs!”, “Chinese eat human fetus!”, “Chinese government killed two bazillion people!”, “Chinese government coming to get you to harvest your internal organs!”.

I’m hoping for the best, but I am preparing for the worst.

4 years ago

Anglosphere is conditioned to think we are at the endtimes. Nowadays, “end times”,”zombie apocalypse”, all these Bible references to the end. The West has been talking about World War 3 for over decades. They want world war 3, but they couldn’t get it. They say we are fighting World War 3 against Muslim countries, then world war 3 is against Russia, now World War 3 is against China. This is like a video game where you pick your opponent for the next round.
The logic that we need to nuke China and kill millions of people because the “communist regime” infringes on people’s human rights. Killing people is good, but infringing on human rights isn’t. And that’s an extreme position, a more realistic one is plunging one billion people into poverty. So you wonder if this is even about economic and political system or is it about racism. Asians have proven all the white people’s stereotypes and ideas about inferiority wrong. Now white people are saying the world ain’t big enough for both of us to be middle class, so you need to go back into being poor so we can make fun of you and mock you and treat you like s**t because we can’t if you are better than us economically and socially.

4 years ago

I wonder what the China-hating Americans will say when the Chinese CO2 emissions drop below America’s? It’s on that trajectory now since China is investing in renewables more than any other country and has a fairly low per-capita emission. I wonder how the Sinophobic media will spin it.
I don’t fear that the US will start a shooting war with China because MAD and also China doesn’t want war to set it off its peaceful growth trajectory (which can be achieved through the BRI without America). Plus, the rest of the world would not be happy with America waging war on China. That’s why they are sponsoring colour revolutions and training terrorists instead, using these sneaky tactics to try and destabilise and goad China into making the first shot. They are a bunch of manipulative imperialist bastards in the White House.
What I am concerned about is the persecution of Chinese Americans. If the political climate worsens then it’s high time they move out of America before we see the internment camps coming back.

4 years ago

If you are Asian-American or Asian-Australian, check up the gun laws in your area and arm-up. Small arms, ammunition, plate carriers, etc. The best-case scenario of an anti-Asian pogrom in Western states would be a replay of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, where Korean-Americans organised armed groups to protect themselves. Likewise, you guys have got to organise yourselves and your family & friends to protect yourselves. If you are a non-American Asian, refrain from vacationing in Western states. Why give them your money & potentially face racism?
Another thing to remember is film any instances of conflict with other races and share it online. The video camera is the most powerful tool there is to shape information warfare, use it.
Edit: Didn’t see the part where you said you’re not Asian. But don’t worry too much about WWIII. I trust that there are still enough cool heads in government (yes, even the Americans) who won’t want a Third World War. Small-scale riots or skirmishes, maybe.

4 years ago

A second cold war has already begun as should be generally marked by the trade war. Like it or not, the U.S. tried its best to kneecap China like it did to Japan during the late 20th century but all attempts against China had backfired horribly and they can’t take anything back. For instance, Huawei is leading in the decoupling process, though not only Chinese entities, but entities around the world including European entities as they will all look to be more cautious if they were too reliant on U.S. entities.
The IEEE, as another example, attempted discrimination against Chinese people which failed utterly after the realization that Chinese scientists contribute heavily to research in modern communications (e.g. for instance, Chinese researchers are already leading in 6G etc.).
It seems Washington is deciding to commit and plunge their country further down the drain because you know how Anglo culture is with saving face – the widespread Anglo cultural phenomenon of the micropenis syndrome encourages them to “save face”.

4 years ago

From what I’ve read here apparently a decent amount of Asian people are anti-Chinese.
But yeah it’s terrifying how hard the US is going with this and how suddenly it started, I’m not here to push leftism or anything, but I would say a decent amount of dot connecting I’ve been doing with politics and history makes me feel like this country is really getting prepared for either another Cold War or World War III. f**k, a lot of people are saying the Second Cold War has already started, which, given the different conditions between then and now, I have no hope that it won’t become World War III. America should change its dangerous course, but I know for a fact it won’t and I bet in less than a year it will be invading Iran (though I hope it doesn’t).

germinator avatar
4 years ago

who is J0HNY0SS4RI4N?

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