I find it extremely difficult to build cross racial alliance with black people in general because they seem to have a great amount of distrust against Asians, and in the past few years I have stopped trying all together

Every Asian person I have met who grew up in the West are keen on black civil rights issues, as it is the default topic taught in any classroom. Find a single Asian person who grew up here and doesn’t know at least something about Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, or slavery.

Many Asian guys are comfortable with black culture: rap, hip-hop, movies, certain sports, attire, even way of speech, slang, etc.

On the other hand, I bet if I were to survey a hundred black social justice advocates, not even one of them can name a single Asian civil rights activist or any historical injustice that was committed upon us except for some popular topics that white people teaches them (Japanese internment camps).

Yet somehow, the Asians are the ones who are misinformed.

Every time I bring up social justice issue with black people, one of them accuses me of something: being a white adjacent, white person’s dog, anti-black racist, not genuine, a troll, even CCP agent.

What are the causes to this divide? Is there any way for our communities to grow?

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u/lsatpenguin’s post is a typical progressive Asian American’s view on Asian-black relationship. I say typical because it’s indoctrinated by the critical race theory narrative which dominated k-12 and college education. If someone went through this system, u/lsatpenguin would be a standard product. take this as an example: “Anti-blackness is embeded in Asian culture”. It’s could be true that anti-blackness is embeded in older generation of Asian American(note: asian american≠Asians), which is a result of years of racial segregation and domestic propoganda as well as the racial tension between black and Asian American communities(think LA riot and the statistics of black… Read more »

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