It’s official: I now hate the Chinese! Here are my thoughts.

I’m harboring Anti-Chinese sentiments and I’m not proud of it since I have Chinese ancestry (My great-great-great-grandparents are from China and migrated here during the late 1800s). But I can’t help it…I can’t stand them! I’m not Chinoy btw.

The sudden influx of Chinese workers in the metro are overwhelming. I never hated the Chinese before. Heck, I’ve harbored no strong racism or racial bias against any race before. I went to an international school for a few years, interned abroad, and mingled with all races- Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Asian- so I’m used to befriending people from different cultures. But the Chinese workers here are…frustrating.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! Although I’m a freelancer, I rent and work in a dedicated coworking office desk in Ortigas, near Podium mall. There’s a POGO or Chinese office of some sort in my building, and three other buildings next to it. Too many Chinese loiter outside the building. I feel like I’m in Chinatown. Go to the malls nearby and there are swarms of Chinese being loud and obnoxious.
  2. THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO QUEUE! The Chinese ALWAYS cut in line! Just last week, I’ve experienced Chinese ass cut in front of me at my office’s nearby 7-11 three times. Three times last week! 😡
  3. THEY STINK. Try riding in an elevator with a bunch of them and you’ll know what I mean. I don’t know why they stink so bad.
  4. TERRIBLE TOILET MANNERS. My office building has a bathroom at the end of the hall. All office occupants on the floor use it. As I’ve said earlier, there are lots of Chinese workers in my building. Every time I enter a cubicle after a Chinese woman uses it, there’re footprints on the toilet seat. Why the fuck do they need to step on the toilet?!
  5. THEY’RE LOUD AND UNRULY. This one needs no further explanation. However, I will share one annoying experience. One time, I was in SM Megamall Fashion Hall and a Chinese guy loudly called his Chinese guy friend at the other end of the hall. It was blaringly loud so instinctively I looked around to see where the noise was coming from. I caught a glimpse of him. He stared back at me for a few seconds, then he unpleasantly squinched his face like as if he was warning me to fuck off. I walked away.
  6. RACIST TO ME AND OTHER FILIPINOS. My office is on the 7th floor. I hurriedly went inside the elevator before the door closed, only to be un-greeted by a group of Chinese (5 men and 2 women). They’re obviously pissed that I’m riding with them- I could feel the cold stares. One woman started talking in Chinese then the group giggled. Idk but I felt like they were talking about me. A feeling of rage swept through me as I got off the elevator. Another thought that I had after that experience: I have very fair skin and could pass off as an East Asian with double eyelids, but they think lowly of me because of my nationality. It makes me sad to imagine the treatment a darker skin Filipino would endure under racist and colorism-obsessed Chinese.
  7. RACIST CHINESE RESTOS. The Chinese restaurants near my office don’t cater to Filipinos. All the signs are in Chinese but they have pictures on the menu. I went inside one, wanting to order stir-fry and noodles, but got shooed away by the Chinese lady at the counter. She explicitly said in broken English, “No. No English. points at me No…you…No…Huwa (Idk exactly what she said here but I think it means Filipino)” and makes a shooing gesture.
  8. MONEY = SUPERIORITY MINDSET. They think they can get away with everything just because they have money. They earn more than the average Filipino (I think most earn at least 80k a month) so most of them think they can buy their way out of everything. After I helped a Chinese woman with directions in Ortigas, she handed me a 50 pesos bill. I refused, shook my head, and gestured no. She insisted, forcefully grabbed my arm, gave me the money, and walked away. I felt crummy afterward- not only did she violated my personal space, but I also failed to defend my honor.
  9. MONEY+BRAND NAMES = SUPERIORITY. This one irks me. As someone who’s worked with wealthy local and European clients, I can tell you from first-hand experience that the Pedigree Rich (families have been wealthy for centuries. Think aristocracy, nobility, and old rich Americans like the Rockefellers) detest flashy brand names and opt for clean, logo-less clothing. Personally, I find their penchant for brand names trashy. I know people who live in Forbes park and they dress plainly. You wouldn’t even be able to tell their plain white shirt is worth more than you’re net worth. Here’s the thing: I don’t give a fuck if you’re wearing head-to-toe designer clothes. Couldn’t care less about your recent Longine shopping spree. And above all, I don’t wanna see that huge ass LV or Dolce and Gabbana belt that looks like a WWE belt! Tacky, trashy, and ugggggggly!
  10. MY HIGH RENT AND I CAN’T AFFORD TO BUY A CONDO. I’ve been saving up to buy a condo unit in Ortigas or Makati. I can ask my parents for funds but I’d rather buy with my own hard-earned money. I’m currently renting a studio unit in Ortigas. My rent has gone up 30% and will inevitably rise higher! It’s as if Robinsons Residences is eager to kick me out in favor of a Chinese tenant! I don’t want to be among the many Filipino condo renters and buyers that have been unfairly “evicted” because of Chinese favoritism! I wish our government has the balls to put mandatory quotas and taxes on real estate for Chinese buyers. Worse, the prices of condos have skyrocketed! A studio unit used to cost 3 million in Ortigas, now it’s 4.5M! Prices continue to rise.
  11. HAVING CHINESE NEIGHBORS IS THE WORST. I approximate there’s 1 Filipino for every 20 Chinese in my condo building. The Chinese are loud and they don’t give a shit if they’re making too much noise at 2 am in the morning. How the hell am I suppose to sleep?! Ever since Chinese lived on my floor, there’s suddenly cockroaches in my unit. I clean and vacuum my unit every Sunday. Turns out my Chinese neighbors don’t. One time, my Chinese neighbor left their door open and I saw the horror inside: A pile of dirty laundry on the floor, a tower of dirty plates in the sink, and an overflowing trash bin. Yuck! No wonder there’s a cockroach infestation on my floor!
  12. STORES STILL WON’T ACCEPT DEBIT AND CREDIT CARDS, BUT ACCEPTS WECHAT AND ALIPAY. Coffee shops are a perfect example. I can’t pay for my Mocha frap with a debit card, but they’ll accept WeChat and AliPay. Apparently, BDO partnered with WeChat and AliPay to process payments. Ah, BDO…How I hate thee.

Sorry for the long rant. I know I should be more understanding and compassionate, but I’m angry and frustrated with their behavior. I’m all for the plan to place all POGOs in a separate area, far away from locals. I swear, if a presidential candidate runs on an anti-Chinese platform, I’d vote for him/her in a heartbeat.

Does anyone else feel this way? Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and experiences as well.

Edit: I have every right to express my opinions and I know not everyone is going to agree with me. I find comfort in knowing that I’m not the only Filipino who feels this way. We’re being bullied and stepped on by Chinese immigrants. They don’t respect us, our culture, and our laws. If Filipino citizens don’t voice their opinions and speak against their behavior, we’ll be the ones at the losing end. They’ll encroach on our personal rights. Real estate prices will continue to rise and it will force thousands of Filipinos out of their homes. Filipinos can no longer afford to rent or buy apartments in the metro. Do we really want things to get that bad? Absolute not!

Edit: Idk exactly how but our government needs to find a middle ground. Sure, Chinese workers can stay here as long as they’re legal but the government needs to place measures to make sure locals won’t suffer from the effects of Chinese influx. As someone who lives in a major city (Ortigas), I’m affected by the rising rental prices and Chinese favoritism among landlords. I know Robinsons Residences will try to evict me eventually and replace me with a higher paying Chinese tenant.

Edit: I received a message saying, “An anonymous redditor liked your submission so much that they’ve given it the Gold Award.” Wow! Thank you to the anonymous redditor! 🙂 I didn’t even know Gold Awards are a thing. Now I’m more certain that my sentiments and concerns are also shared by many Filipinos.

Edit: Although this thread has been locked, I still get messages from people sharing their thoughts and experiences with Chinese workers. Here are some examples:

“Saw your posts and I was gonna comment to show my support kaso na lock na lmao. I had an experience as well where I was riding a jeepney and a chinese woman kick my feet as I was about to sit. And she did to everyone who rode the jeepney. The audacity, and when a filipino woman tried to talk to her the chinese woman just said “vagina mouth vagina mouth”. Like tangina, bisita ka sa bansa to tapos mambabastos ka. I could feel my anger then and I badly wanted to slap the woman for being rude. I hate the feeling of helplessness, we can’t do anything about it kung ayaw nila makinig and in those instances I badly just want to get physical with them para maintindihan nila. But alas, we we’re raised better. And it is our burden to carry to be better than them. Pero tangina pa din ng gobyerno inuuna sila kaysa kapwa pinoy.” -Anonymous (won’t share his username per request. once again, thanks for messaging me and sharing your experience)

“I have to say even tho I never experienced it yet . Just seeing their actions and their way of actions made me very mad. Im so scared and mad that these people will ruin this country . I know that all Chinese are not bad , but most them : their lifestyle is seriously disgusting to most people . They already pollute , think they are top with their disgusting culture . Im losing it. This is something I cant get used to out of all the stuff Philippines has gone through . They dont care about us only themselves that they build their own fucking business restricted to Chinese . I prefer a fucking shitty service than that bs. Im done ranting , just need to release it all….. I have so much more , but I think its enough” -Anonymous (won’t share his username too. TY for sharing and chatting with me. our discussion on personal safety and how Filipinos can protect themselves from racial and alcohol-related violence from Chinese immigrants is enlightening.)

“Messaging you regarding your post. Ate, grabe! Super relate ako! I can’t stand them! My family rents a 2br condo in the Bay Area, rent has increased 8k. It’s gonna rise pa! Three times na kami naka-receive ng rental increase notice since 2017. The Bay area is a hotspot for chinese kasi malapit sa mga casinos and POGOs. There are more Chinese in my condo bldg. It has gotten to a point when in the elevator Filipinos ask each other “Filipino ka?”. I can relate with the cockroaches. Some chinese don’t throw trash properly, they don’t go downstairs to throw trash sa basement garbage disposal. They leave trash bags outside the elevator of our floor! Kaya yun dumudumi na ang paligid namin. Experience ko din chinese cutting in line sa SM MOA. I was buying a shirt for hubby and kids then 3 chinese guys cut in line. Chinese girls cut in front of me when I bought makeup from the dept store. Nakakairita! They are rude and disgusting! They smoke inside the condo despite no smoking policy. They don’t fucking care! They smell because they don’t shower and have poor hygene They won’t talk to you even if you try kasi all they will say is “No English” tapos shoo away gesture. I’m starting to hate them too. Like you, I have never hated the Chinese before but this is madness! Tama na! Sobra na! Racist na kung racist. Wala na akong care! They cannot be reasoned with diplomacy anymore. Glad I’m not the only one thinking about this. Also will support a candidate who will run on anti-chinese platform if ever we have one next election.” -Anonymous (also won’t share her username. TY for sharing and chatting with me about politics and the Chinese influx in the Bay Area. Also agree on your points on the rice tarrifs and Spratlys issue.)

“Hi! saw your post and i have to say you’re feelings are completely normal. i’m diagnosed with GAD so I’m familiar with feeling frightened, being on guard for danger, and overwhelming guilt. the guilt you’re feeling is one emotional reaction to the traumatic experience you’ve had. i don’t believe you’re racist. if those things happened to me, i’d feel the same way. you’re right about that-since you have anxiety, you’re feelings are more fear than hate. avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs instead is a sign of possible post-traumatic behavior. talk to your therapist, he/she can help with your situation before it gets worse. my opinions on the Chinese here are not so good. i think they’re parasitic locust that’ll harm our society. Ditto on the rising rent prices and they’re obnoxious arrogance. i live in an exclusive subdivision in makati and there are staff houses for POGO employees. they annoy the heck out of everyone, even the chinoy residents. these staff houses are illegal. they violate deed restrictions as single-family dwellings. chinoy friend says they say racial slurs about filipinos and call us idiots publicly. they know we can’t understand chinese so they say whatever they want but the chinoys understand them and sometimes argue with them. -Anonymous (might as well not share her username too. TY for the advice.)

Edit: I don’t want to hate the Chinese. I feel terrible for feeling this way. I’m confronting my newly formed racial biases and prejudice (but my view on Chinoys are still positive) and let rationality rather than emotion overwhelm me. I feel shame in feeling these terrible emotions. I don’t want to be sinophobic but my terrible experiences with Chinese workers have made me fearful and angry with them. After some deep thought, I realize that I feel more fear than hatred towards them.I don’t feel safe around them, especially after the elevator incident. The hostile-like stares…cold sharp hostile stares. It scared the hell out of me! If I did one wrong move, they could hurt me (push me or slap me). I’m a lonesome petite, thin woman riding in an elevator with a group who doesn’t want me there. How am I to defend myself if things go amok, especially against 3 men? My meager knowledge in Krav Maga can’t defend me against a group attack.

Edit: I have to get used to a new reality. An unfortunate reality in which as a local, I have to adjust and get used to Chinese ill-manners and behavior. What bothers me is that I have to be the one to “adjust” to them since the Chinese workers don’t want to assimilate. Quite frankly, as a Filipino on Philippine soil, the very idea is quite insulting!

Edit: I’m now looking for a new office, preferably far away from any POGOs. I don’t want to be with Chinese workers in an elevator anymore. Started taking the stairs to the 7th floor instead. I might be exhibiting post-traumatic behavior. Hoping my traumatic feelings mellow out eventually. Then again, I’m diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder so that might explain why I’m super disoriented. Will also look for a new apartment once my rental contract expires. A huge POGO recently opened meters away from my condo building and more Chinese workers are flocking to the area. My rent is bound to increase exponentially! It’s time I move out and find an area where I feel safe and have better neighbors who don’t loudly argue with each other at wee hours in the morning.

Edit: This post made the news My inbox is flodding with messages from people sharing their grievances and experiences, even foreigners (Australians, Canadians, Greeks, Italians, Swiss) have messaged me. I sympathize with all of them. I struck a chord with people. By posting this, I’ve become a disrupter of sorts. I’ve uprooted many hidden and repressed frustrations. Goodbye!

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Call me Charlie

Easy solution to this problem, just move out of from Chinese populated area.


How is it?


They stink


I live in Makati. I’m American. I am appalled at the Chinese invasion. Foreigners, including myself, should remain a minority. This isn’t our country, this is yours. The Chinese have been a terrible influence on the entire country. They don’t follow rules, they don’t queue in line, they don’t attempt to speak English, and they’re extremely rude. They don’t shower. I can’t walk anywhere without seeing a vast, VAST majority of Chinese faces. I don’t hear Tagalog anymore. It’s a shame because I spent so much time learning it so I can speak fluently. I hear Mandarin everywhere. The mainland… Read more »


who wrote this?


this belongs to the smack talk section


Some of them are okay

Doctor V
Doctor V

 Chinese people are very different from each other.  My ex-girlfriend for example is Cantonese and they’re very different from Northern Chinese.

 The person who wrote that rant is probably referring to Mainland Chinese. 

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