Philippines is actually El Dorado, 2nd largest gold reserve!!!

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There’s always a pattern. Societies in decadence abandon gold and resort to baser currency, first silver, then copper and eventually iron or nickel.

Societies in their Zenith use the gold standard…


The gold specie standard arose from the widespread acceptance of gold as currency.[5]Various commodities have been used as money; typically, the one that loses the least value over time becomes the accepted form.[6] Chemically, gold is of all major metals the one most resistant to corrosion.[citation needed]

The use of gold as money began thousands of years ago in Asia Minor.[7]

During the early and high Middle Ages, the Byzantine gold solidus, commonly known as the bezant, was used widely throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. However, as the Byzantine Empire’s economic influence declined, so too did the use of the bezant.[8] In its place, European territories chose silver as their currency over gold, leading to the development of silver standards.
Rene B. Sarabia Jr

Rene B. Sarabia Jr

I primarily write about anything under the sun from Philosophy, History to Calculus, and a secondary job I have is also teaching languages; I am a native in the English and Filipino languages, an L2 level speaker in Spanish and L1 in Latin and am studying basic French and Arabic. I also formally studied Philosophy in the Seminary in the Order of Augustinian Recollects; in High School I majored in Creative Writing; and I am now dabbling in Computer Science. I have a brown belt in a martial art, sadly I m rusty since I havent practiced in ages; I am looking for fellow weekend warriors to spar and wrestle with.I also have passed the Philippine Civil Service Exams and I was once employed as an Office Manager in my family's Law Firm. I am the top contributor by number of edits in the Wikipedia Article about the Philippines. I also won best debator in my Order's Debate Symposium held last 2010. I also love to sing, Rock, Power Ballad and Classical are my preferred genres when performing. I am a proud Illongo from Jaro: "La Muy Y Noble" (The most loyal and noble) is our collective motto. However I am driven most by the awareness that I am the most imperfect and sinful of all people. I am an Augustinian in spirit even though I am a layman and I put Saint Augustine's words to heart: "“Nevertheless, lest the will itself should be deemed capable of doing any good thing without the grace of God, after saying, “His grace within me was not in vain, but I have laboured more abundantly than they all,” he immediately added the qualifying clause, “Yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.” ― Augustine of Hippo, On Grace and Free Will

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Prau123 avatar
Prau123 (@prau123)
11 months ago

Philippines either has a lot of natural golds or there were a lot piracy during Spanish era and our country was an ideal place to search and stash golds? The article mention that there are gold deposits in several provinces and for this reason the country was nickname El Dorado.  If there were pirates searching for golds and stashing treasures in Philippines then we may have also a version of Captain Blood, the notorious pirate.

Komodo avatar
NEIL (@Komodo)
11 months ago

Dollar is collapsing, We as well start investing in gold.

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