Question: ‘Why is it so difficult to be an Asian American?’ Someone gives an answer that’s real as fuck

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I feel like sometimes people on quora are anti-Asian, but this guy gets fucking real about it:

In the USA Asians suffer the only actual systemic racism. there is no actual law or policy that discriminates against any other minnority. however affermative action means, if you are Asian you must have twice the qualifications for same chance as any other race. Many Asian people I know were unable to go to certain schools because either they were not accepted, despite having higher grades and extra curricular as a black or latino friend. Or were unable to get scholarship because they were Asian while other minnorities got full ride although their grades were lower.

Asians have the least media power, Asians are frugal and smart with money, don’t blow it in huge amounts on useless “swag.” This means that people who make movies, tv shows and etc. don’t care about appealing to Asians, and if they want to make fun of someone, it can easily be an Asian as Asians are not going to riot and loot stores as response. In a barbaric land, being civilized holds a price.

However many do recognize this and admire it about Asians, and thus Asians have a reputation in the USA for being smarter, more civilized, more disciplined, and more capable in general. However this lead back to my first point, to be recognized for anything, you must be 10 times better than any non-Asian.

Men are desexualized through media starting with Yellow Peril era, and women are seen as sex objects, likely due to the mass raping in Japan after their surrender in ww2 and following media and propaganda. basically Asian people are not humans, but rather aliens holding less value in terms of life.

Because of this Asians are forced to live in select populations, this is partly due to laws as recent as 30–40 years ago where Asians were forced to live in only specific areas, like 8th st in oakland CA, or various Chinatowns and other enclaves, usually in very poor neighborhoods. However Asians worked very hard and made the neighborhoods richer. but now white people move into the neighborhoods and sell dried ginger for literally 100 times the price that you can find it 2 blocks away in central chinatown. Today this means that generally Asians are only in very select places while pretty much none live in other spots.

The next part hits me the hardest:

If you live in a heavily asian populated place, you are isolated from the main culture becuase your race, so you end up only hanging out with other Asians. this is okay, but others might not like it. and sadly those asians who live far from these enclaves loose roots with their culture and suffer from self esteem issues as the media always makes fun of them and they do not have roll models in real life to look up to. this makes young boys feel like dirt, and young girls feel like toys for non-asian boys.

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lilshawty204 avatar
4 years ago
Is that it? 
josh avatar
4 years ago

. Most Asians did not get it worst than blacks, irish, Italians, latinos or whatever. 


the worst that ever happen in the USA is chinese getting banned from migrating to USA and Japanese-Americans getting round up in world war 2. 



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