I’ve seen no shortage of posts in the Reddit these days about how the CCP is brainwashing their citizens and was wondering if saying that would be racist. On the one hand, it does dehumanize those people, as it is basically telling them that their opinion is not only wrong but that they shouldn’t even have that opinion in the first place since it is an opinion that they did not gain of their own free will, on the other hand, the claims of brainwashing are only directed at Chinese who are Pro-China, not Chinese who are Anti-China, so it does have a lot to do with opinion.

Edit: I think that the same should apply to Pro-China people calling westerners brainwashed by the western media, although that does occur less often.

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I’m not pro-China in a nationalistic sense (being non-Chinese). Though I’m getting tired of white knighting hypocrites and the bias coverage of the Hong Kong RIOTS is such an obvious sticking point. How can you criticize the action of the police there, when such actions wouldn’t be tolerated by western law enforcement? Also these white pro-democracy shills don’t say shit when there are protest in Okinawa against US military occupation which has resulted in rapes and murders or native Hawaiians protesting against desecration of their sacred lands. The actions of white people’s so-called god mandated manifest destiny has resulted in… Read more »


Yes, and the thing is that westerners don’t understand how Chinese socio-politics even work, let alone us Chinese or those of Chinese descent. China is, has been, and will always be a socio-political enigma, and I prefer that way because a) China isn’t the West, b) China has a billion people with a several-millennia long history of golden ages and civil wars. Throughout the ages, China has been and always will be authoritarian, whether we’re talking about moderate pragmatic authoritarianism (as in the case of post-Mao CCP) or absolute totalitarianism (as in the case for Mao-era CCP). Even in dynastic… Read more »


It pisses me off, but it’s not racist. What is does demonstrate is a close-mindedness and belief in being absolutely correct, even without knowing everything and only basing their own opinion off of the opinions of others. Ironically, it is they who have been brainwashed – brainwashed into believing that China is bad without question, brainwashed into believing that Chinese people are all brainwashed, and yes, brainwashed into believing that Chinese people cannot think for themselves. That last part IS racist. Fuck anyone who thinks we didn’t arrive at this conclusion ourselves. Fuck anyone who thinks they know better than… Read more »


No, it’s not racism. We are fed all sorts of information from all sides including Western, anti-CCP Asian, and pro-CCP Asian media. Our opinion is only limited to the type of information we get or choose to receive. One can say anti-CCP media is brainwashing people as much as pro-CCP media is brainwashing people. Manipulating public opinion has been commonplace practice ever since the beginning of organized society. What we all need is a good hard look at fundamental human rights, and make an opinion based on critical thinking. I personally believe that promoting proactive critical thinking is arguably better… Read more »


Unlike China, Britain’s industrial revolution and overseas expansion was driven by a military policy. According to Hobson, during the period from 1688-1815 Great Britain was engaged in wars 52% of the time[3]. Whereas the Chinese relied on their open markets and their superior production and sophisticated commercial and banking skills, the British relied on tariff protection, military conquest, the systematic destruction of competitive overseas enterprises as well as the appropriation and plunder of local resources. China’s global predominance was based on ‘reciprocal benefits’ with its trading partners, while Britain relied on mercenary armies of occupation, savage repression and a ‘divide… Read more »


I’m not that worried about China the country facing Sinophobia because these losers can’t do anything to China, in fact, Sinophobia can be much worse to the West, when there are huge anti-China protests in the West, this is generally what happens on both sides: 1.Opinion about their government West: Fuck our government for being so weak in front of evil China, we will protest till our government sanction China, it’s literally our government that made China so rich through free trade to begin with China: Fuck those racist whites who always discriminate Chinese people, the West is much more… Read more »

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