The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

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There has been something that has been pestering me about the Natalie Tran video. It lays on the principal suspicion that Asian men are disturbed in light of the fact that bigotry keeps us from “dating out.” Yet this simply isn’t valid, for the most part.

Take a gander at the pace of outmarriage to different races of accomplices.

Dark folks 24%, Hispanic folks 26%, Asian folks 21%. N.B. Truly, when Asian American men DO wed, they don’t wed out at a much lower rate than other men. Be that as it may, what’s key here is the % of Asian American men who really get an opportunity to date, wed, and so on.

This is investigated here:

That is really… not terrible! IR marriage rates are fundamentally the same as the paces of other minority men. We outdate fine and dandy (out of those of us who figure out how to wed). This stunned me. I trust this learning fairly frees increasingly Asian men to not need to feel that they are substandard. Free yourselves from those psychological chains.

“When I find who I am, I’ll be free” – Ralph Ellison.

It is astounding, in light of the fact that we are exceptionally flexible in such manner. Undermining harms us most with our very own ladies, not different races of ladies. I mean better believe it, it doesn’t help with different gatherings of ladies either, yet shockingly we keep up.

Alter to first version: (I might want to include: less asian men as a rate (of the all out number of asian men) generally figure out how to date and this must be tended to. We can’t just simply leave it and state ladies of all hues are screwing us over on the off chance that we have not thoroughly gone for ladies of different gatherings and made it into a social pattern)

Presently, investigate this graph once more: see the outmarriage detail for Asian American ladies? It says 36% right? Be that as it may, this isn’t right. The latest Seat study (Source: Seat details 2017, New York Times) demonstrated that 54% of Asian ladies conceived in America wed out, most by far to white men As it were. In this way, with respect to Asian ladies it’s in reality more than the 36%.

Seat details 2017: and-examples in-intermarriage/

54% of American brought into the world Asian young ladies outmarry. 54%. Not the 40% I recently thought. That is a lion’s share. Pretty awe-inspiring.

I am not saying we AM don’t have any issues dating, we do as a system. In any case, the issue isn’t that we have a harder time dating different races with respect to different gatherings of minority men. Our concern is we have the hardest time DATING OUR OWN. Our own ladies become tied up with the generalizations!

UC Riverside’s Branch of Human science examined this marvel. From the Division of Humanism at UC Riverside:


JT Tran additionally said it straight up, Asian folks are well on the way to hear “no asians” from Asian ladies. SquattingCasanova did a video about his encounters too. My very own encounters, by a long shot the harshest gathering I have gotten in open spaces and clubs has been from Asian ladies who are by and large vocal about the way that they ‘don’t hang with Asian men’. This is reflected by the Twitter screen captures Heather Johnson Yu shared.

This is on the grounds that we as a whole help them to remember their “Asianess”. That is what I’m telling individuals who state “lift and all the aw will return running”. No. They despise you since you are Asian. They even created another word for their despise on Chinese Consume: “DAGS: frantic Asian folks. Excessively prepped Asian men who appear to tail us all over the place”.

Probably the grossest, most mind boggling, in your face prejudice we face has originated from western ASIAN Ladies. I would rather not utilize the expression “misandry” (in light of the fact that it has been spoiled by the manosphere sexists), however what will be will be these young ladies really, absolutely take part in Supremacist MISANDRY to social trip.

This isn’t “hypothesis” or “guess.” These are realities that Anna Lu’s consistently deny or overlook. JT Tran addresses this, both in Natalie’s video and his article, however he does so gently. We will be more straightforward: you double-crossed us for white acknowledgment. You lambast Asian male centric society but then you bounce towards white male man controlled society and use gendered bigotry against Asian men… under the shroud of Asian female strengthening. This IS the solution to our million dollar question.

You have disguised supremacist generalizations about us as a group (once more, you couldn’t care less about people). All at once. You will not recognize this.

At that point ladies like Natalie Tran have the nerve to ask the men “what would i be able to do?” What the real fuck? For what reason would you say you are asking ME, a Man, what to do about your OWN messed up practices as Asian ladies? “Pursue white folks less.” I Presume. What’s more, guess what? That is not my obligation. My lone obligation is to get you out. Anything over that? That is Really denying you of organization. YOU Choose, and your activities will represent themselves, similar to they have been. Try not to imagine you are populist. Since once we’ve drawn it out into the open, you can never again argue obliviousness. It would be ideal if you quieted the fuck down about women’s liberation if your woman’s rights just comprises of the privilege to social move through whiteness and poo on Asian folks while you’re busy.

Be that as it may, the one thing I won’t enable you to do? Make the folks acknowledge duty regarding YOUR Bigotry. I am not going to do it. Not at the present time, not ever.

Lets call it what it is: Racial oppression AND racial domination being bolstered by Asian ladies. It’s an AND, not an OR. Anna Lu are so enthused about closing down “racial policing” like utilizing the expression “Uncle”. You know, since they are Uncles. Those phony Asian women’s activists policing our tone, saying we are communicating things too forcefully, doesn’t detract from the realities: that they are colossal Uncles.

We are displaying realities, they are tossing charges. That is the distinction. That is the reason Asian men are completely baffled, that is the reason we won’t endure your falsehoods any longer.

“The individuals who won’t reason, are extremists, the individuals who can’t, are fools, and the individuals who dare not, are slaves.” Byron

The vast majority don’t outmarry. That is period. It isn’t so much that we outmarry less; our ladies just outmarry an excessive amount of to white folks. TO WHITE Folks. That isn’t women’s liberation, that is simply social climbing. It isn’t interracial, it’s racial domination. We don’t hear them bitching about not having the option to date dark men. They get much increasingly social weight not to date dark, ordinarily for supremacist reasons. Straight up. In any case, they don’t battle that. Well. How does that shroud of progressivism Anna Lu is holing up behind feel? Well

Anna Lus introducing themselves as dynamic and master POC while really dating supremacist white folks and conservative in their dating lives gives them a high ground and partners. The time has come to remove that.

In any case, look even with white men; they have the most minimal interracial paces all things considered. That is the insane thing.

We’re getting screwed over by Anna Lu making every effort imaginable to legitimize their white fixation, in light of the fact that their psychological discord truly should bug them. For example, AW more than once raise, that we simply need white young ladies, which has been disproven both by this and by different posts before.

AM have to understand that most “Asian women’s activists”, with not many exemptions, talk from only perniciousness towards AM. They’ll exploit each opening to make us look awful. Try not to anticipate reasonable play from them. They make it sound like we’re bitching in light of the fact that weakening damages us with white young ladies. No. All things considered, we’re doing alright in that regard. It harms us most with Asian ladies and they are complicit in sustaining the supremacist delineations of Asian men. Presently that, THAT, is the reason we are furious.

No. I’m not wrapped up. It’s insufficient that they have their WMAF connections. They are effectively complicit in utilizing their different (supremacist) social methodologies against us too. They’re willing to spread all Asians as horrendous individuals to get non-Asian ladies from the Asian men they won’t date. That is out and out sociopathic. AM have not spread with plain lies like Lu’s smear Asian folks.

Since Asian ladies are the ones well on the way to date us level out, on the off chance that you screw them up to see Asian men gravely, at that point we AM get sausagefests and lone ranger social orders. Like past times worth remembering once more! (n.b. Chinese rejection Act) most of ladies out there are not open to interracial in spite of the fact that we stand our ground at current rates. This is similarly as bigot white male supremacist America needs, and Asian Uncles are complicit too. Try not to contemplate you.

Presently, since we have cleared that up… .We need to do interracial on account of the 54% outmarriage rate, generally AM are simply constrained into a tore up western AMAF dating game.

AM have been so kiddie gloves with Lus in the open space that we’ve never genuinely utilized that point that their utilization of women’s liberation is an affront to women’s liberation. It is corruption and an approach to legitimize their desire for white benefit, and access to white society through white men. Our companion says all that needs to be said: “THAT Ungainly Minute WHEN YOUR Women’s liberation IS Supremacist”. program utilizing asian-penis-jokes-engage asian-ladies/

Lu’s are staunch supporters of white male man centric society. When is the last time I heard an Asian lady reviving against white male centric society? When you talk about Asian male controlled society you ought to in any event clarify that obvious issue at hand. Well The quietness is stunning!

Genuine dark women’s activists need to know this. Genuine white women’s activists need to know this. Genuine Asian women’s activists need to know this. Genuine Latina women’s activists need to know this. I see you young ladies out there vocal and supporting us. The greater part are dark ladies, with a sprinkling of white, Asian and Latina. We should always remember who our

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SonsOfOdin avatar
4 years ago

In asian culture, It’s normal to treat women as a lesser being.

SonsOfOdin avatar
4 years ago

In other words, you hate us for being good looking. 😎

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