Why is everyone obsessed with Asian American identity when Asia itself is paradise?

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EDIT: I should change the title of this post to “Heads up, Asia presents some awesome opportunities for Asian American guys.” The point of this post is not to say that anyone should flee or hide from the U.S. The point is purely to raise awareness that moving to Asia can be really, really great from a dating/social perspective. Most of us have been blinded by Western culture to believe that West is best.

Hey guys, just got back from a week long trip in Asia that really opened my eyes to a new perspective. I just wanted to get some thoughts down. These will be in random order. I’m not saying I’m right with everything here, but this is my current perspective and I’m open to discussion. Here goes:

– First of all, there are a lot of really hot Asian girls. Name a white female celebrity you find attractive. There will be an Asian version that looks just like her in Asian pop culture. I feel like we as Asian Americans often forget just how jaw-dropping Asian women can be because we’re mostly pushed Western women in the media.

– My theory is that top tier attractiveness Asians rarely would’ve immigrated to the West, because they were too busy making $$$ in Asia. Therefore there’s a whole different level of attractiveness you find in Asia that you don’t find in the West. I would bet for a lot of Asian guys, this level of attractiveness would be enough to make you forget about Western girls.

– The whole time I was in Asia, I kept thinking back to this podcast about why BTS is killing it in America on a level Asian Americans aren’t experiencing. Basically, the gist of it is that they embrace their Asian-ness, whereas Asian Americans are often too busy trying to fit into a white or black stereotype.

– I got way more attention from Asian girls in Asia than I do here in the West, and from much hotter girls, for obvious reasons (same ethnicity). Point being, we just fit in much more easily in Asia (again, very obvious).

– Branching off of that, I think more Asian American men (and women) should think about learning their native language and moving back to Asia. Yes, cultural differences, etc. etc. but I think with Western education and a better commitment to things like personal hygiene and fitness, a lot of Asian guys struggling here could be at the top of the social ladder in Asia if they’re willing to work for it.

– At the end of the day, I think living in the West has gotten many Asian guys caught up in trying to get white girls, but we’re unintentionally ignorant to the opportunities Asia offer. Also, from personal experience, many Asian guys are caught up in trying to get white girls because they’re insecure about being Asian.

Every Asian guy I know who’s proud of his heritage goes for Asian girls because he thinks his ethnicity is awesome.

TLDR: Why are we struggling so hard to gain social/dating acceptance in the West when the opportunities in Asia are arguably greater in every respect?

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