Yang called Anti-Black because of this

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In talking about Shane Gillis use of the word “chink”, Yang tweeted this:

“It’s also the case that anti-Asian racism is particularly virulent because it’s somehow considered more acceptable. If Shane had used the n word the treatment would likely be immediate and clear.”

It was met by attacks like these:

“If you’re wondering why so maybe alt right leaders endorse you it’s because of this. You lean into the “model minority” stereotypes and routinely display your antiblackness.”

“It amuses me that you believe him using the n word would have amassed a different reaction when in all likelihood the results would have been the exact same”

“ANDREW YANG 2020: “I don’t want racists to lose their job but I’m happy to throw black people under the bus with a horrible comparison.”


A few things:

  • We can disagree with Yang’s ultimate take on Gillis, but this criticism from blacks is a separate matter
  • Each of these angry, critical tweets – many of which label Yang anti-black- has like a hundred + upvotes. Blacks are united and determined. Meanwhile, Asians and ‘Yang supporters’ are subdued – with little defense of Yang or pushback.

Yang pointed out that society would come down harder on Gillis if he used the N word. Does anyone dispute this? Does pointing this out mean being anti-black? The black community is too used to using anti-black to savage non-black minority communities (with whites, they simply call it “racism”) – and they don’t even need an argument or logic as to why they’re using it. See this exchange I had with one of his black critics.

Let’s avoid turning this thread into “this is what I don’t like about black people”. To-date, the Asian community has been led by /r/AsianAmerican types who were programmed by the left to defer to blacks and their issues and deny that Asians faced racism. They were enablers of the anti-blackness theme against fellow Asians. They were timid and lived down to stereotype. I’d be interested in seeing if now that AI has grown to its current size, if we can have impact beyond Reddit, such as on Twitter, to show the Asian community won’t always back down – not to blacks, not to whites, no one.

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Json avatar
4 years ago

You have a chinese running for a President? 

josh avatar
Reply to  jason
4 years ago

Json avatar jason

his like the fourth place in the democratic party. he has round 2-3% percent votes in the democratic votes. 


his a nobody, nobody pays attention to him except Chinese and people who find his socialist policy interesting. 

HE did promise $1,000 USD for every American a month I think 

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