Yellow brother spitting facts

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I’ve seen this a few times too. When white/white looking guys talk about how they’ve fucked an Asian girl and how good it was. So what I do is come at them with the “Really? It was that good?…Shit, I don’t know how that shit is good when they got no tits or ass.” In fact, this shit recently happened to me when randomly talking to a white guy and a latino guy at the gym. Both were going on about how good it was to fuck an Asian girl. And I’m just like, “that shit is like fucking a… Read more »

CatharticMusing 1

I agree in the who am I to judge. But… out of my wife’s friends 50% married white guys hearing them talk about the misery of their marriages. Example 1. My parents put the down payment on our previous house. We sold that house and my husband took the money. Example 2. My husband doesn’t work and I’m paying off his alimony/child support from a previous marriage. Example 3. My husband doesn’t want anything to do with the kids. He says he’s tired after work… But I work longer hours. Example 4. He’s sleeping around with other Asian women That… Read more »


And those white guys in your experience could all be certified assholes, but you still wouldn’t be right in determining who can fuck who, which isn’t necessarily what you’re saying, but it is what OP’s post brings up. You see racism? Call it the fuck out. Absolutely. 100% All the time. But you still can’t, and shouldn’t be able to determine who can and cannot fuck who. Now, you want to discuss the unique challenges Asian men face through institutional racism? I am motherfucking down to do that. Anger is important, but as a singular end/goal, is not productive in… Read more »


Man that needz to go to the gym & he needs to lose the glasses too

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