Yellow brother spitting facts

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Yellow brother spitting facts

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4 years ago

I’ve seen this a few times too. When white/white looking guys talk about how they’ve fucked an Asian girl and how good it was. So what I do is come at them with the “Really? It was that good?…s**t, I don’t know how that s**t is good when they got no tits or a*s.” In fact, this s**t recently happened to me when randomly talking to a white guy and a latino guy at the gym.
Both were going on about how good it was to f**k an Asian girl. And I’m just like, “that s**t is like f*****g a little girl…some pedophile s**t right there.” Lol. And they all go quiet, which makes me bring up the Mexican woman that I’m seeing and how she has some great tits and a nice a*s.
So these guys then go on about how “western” women are all fucked up and how they play games and won’t be loyal to you. Yeah…its like some kind of incel s**t that these loser looking dudes were going on about. And I don’t want to go on about the whole image thing, but these guys looked like total losers, with the beer gut, eye glasses, flab, skinny-fat, doing bullshit exercises, etc.
So when I finally show them the picture of my girl, they have that shocked look on their faces, like “how can this Asian man get with her?” And the funny thing is, before this whole conversation went down, one of the guys was telling me how I got a great body and all that s**t about what exercises I do lol. And when I see the women they’re with, one was the typical type that looks like she’ll marry you for a green card. And the other was the Americanized type that had no body, nerdy, into geek s**t, feminism, etc.
The point is, as a man, you’re going to get into that whole “locker room” talk with other guys. And as an Asian man, the whole “f*****g Asian women is so good” is going to get talked about. And to be honest, I just get real with them and tell them my experiences of being with Asian women, which is nothing like how these guys describe. Because they hype themselves up, because all the other dudes haven’t been with Asian women, so they want to do that bragging s**t in front of other men.
And they’ll glance over to me because I’m the Asian man and think that whatever he says is true. And when I spit my truth, that motherfucker gets real quiet. And that’s when I start throwing shade at the motherfucker about the whole pedophile/starfish s*x/no tits-a*s thing lol.
And I’d like to think most guys hearing this, will believe me, because the ones who go on about the whole “Asian girls are the best in s*x” thing are usually the loser white guys, who can’t get with hot women from other races, so they gotta come with the Asian girl thing, because all the other dudes haven’t gotten with Asian women, so that they can feel like men too (when they’re actually not).

CatharticMusing 1
4 years ago

I agree in the who am I to judge. But… out of my wife’s friends 50% married white guys hearing them talk about the misery of their marriages.
Example 1. My parents put the down payment on our previous house. We sold that house and my husband took the money.
Example 2. My husband doesn’t work and I’m paying off his alimony/child support from a previous marriage.
Example 3. My husband doesn’t want anything to do with the kids. He says he’s tired after work… But I work longer hours.
Example 4. He’s sleeping around with other Asian women
That and have you ever heard how your white bf/husband talks about you when you’re not around?
Now sure, f**k who you want. But stop asking my wife if you and your kids can crash at our place since your husband treats you like c**p. And stop saying things like, “yeah I know my husband sucks, your husband must do stuff like that too…”

4 years ago

And those white guys in your experience could all be certified assholes, but you still wouldn’t be right in determining who can f**k who, which isn’t necessarily what you’re saying, but it is what OP’s post brings up.
You see racism? Call it the f**k out. Absolutely. 100% All the time.
But you still can’t, and shouldn’t be able to determine who can and cannot f**k who.
Now, you want to discuss the unique challenges Asian men face through institutional racism? I am motherfucking down to do that.
Anger is important, but as a singular end/goal, is not productive in changing the institutional forces that oppress and gaslight us.

Json avatar
4 years ago

Man that needz to go to the gym & he needs to lose the glasses too

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