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Thank you random WM on the subway in Vancouver Canada

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Simply needed to share something that is atypical to a significant number of the negative AM/WM cooperations being shared on this sub…

This happened years prior in my mid twenties. I was hanging tight for the skytrain (metro) with my WF life partner at the time and saw a gathering of 3 AFs taking a gander at us as we ventured onto the train. The train was genuinely vacant, and it was simply us, the 3 AFs, and an irregular WM in his late twenties sitting at close to the front of the train. We didnt pay much notice to them however clearly:

That we as an AM/WF couple grabbed their eye

The AFs were likely late foreigners/inhabitants from their design and cosmetics

My life partner and I didn't focus and proceeded with our typical chitchat when all of a sudden a boisterous male voice interfered with us originating from the front of the train: "WHAT, YOU'VE NEVER Observed AN ASIAN Person WITH A WHITE Young lady Previously?" "WHY DONT YOU STAND Somewhat Nearer SO YOU CAN Investigate?" "DO YOU HAVE An Issue WITH WHAT YOU ARE SEEING?"

We looked towards the course of the voice and it was the WM at the front of the train talking noisily towards the 3 AFs who are presently giving him the smell eye of the century. The young ladies didn't react. Just gazed at him, at that point in the inverse with a genuine instance of b***h-face.

After a snapshot of clumsy quiet and us being befuddled as f**k, the man went to us and said "those young ladies have been taking a gander at both of you relentless as far back as you folks strolled in. They have been taking a gander at her (my life partner) and conversing with one another like there some kind of problem with both of you being as one.. sorry … I saw this and Needed to make some noise."

I'd like to have the option to reveal to you that we requested this present man of honor's name and till this day stayed great companions, however in all actuality we were youthful, gullible, and didn't perceive exactly that it is so uncommon to discover a WM partner who might freely go to bat for blended couples.

I saw you on the Canada Line in Vancouver, and any place you are today daring outsider, I can dare to dream to be as magnificent as you one day, and thank you for going to bat for us notwithstanding when nobody else is looking. Coincidentally, we are joyfully hitched now for a long time.

Believed it best to impart this positive experience to the remainder of the network..

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So the WM looked at you? Then you made up a story?